About 7 Days with Gerard

4 months after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, Shadric Toop travelled to Sri Lanka to photograph the country and people. Gerard Weber, a Sri Lankan from Negombo, was his tour driver and translator on the trip.

The photographs and stories gathered during these 7 days in April 2005, combined with observations of the UK media's response to the tsunami and the flawed aid effort that followed became the basis for Toop's first solo show as an artist.

This website documents the journey and the work produced for the exhibition, that was held at Crane Kalman Brighton from 26 December 2004 to 22 January 2005.

Money raised by the exhibition went to help some of the villagers he met in a small fishing village called Totamuna.

Toop's work combines photography, drawing, writing and painting.

Gerard Weber in Totamuna villafe. © S.Toop